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Male Sexuality Meaning

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In society, every now and then there are various disputes about what a real man should be. Moreover, the concept of a man’s belonging to his sex is associated with sexuality. It is believed that the more he has experience in intimate life, the better, although this statement cannot be completely taken for truth.

Men are very sensitive about their sexual health. And if in the company of women it would be quite normal to say that it is possible to do without the presence of the stronger sex, in the men’s society this will sound like an insult. Men often demonstrate to each other their strength, including lean body mass.

Sometimes the excellent performance of a friend is a serious reason for the envy of the whole group. Being sexual in the concept of men – means to be held in the intimate sphere, to have frequent contact with women. Often, this encourages just the number of potential partners, and not at all full-fledged sincere relationships built on mutual respect and love.

Components and characteristics of male sexuality

The sexuality of a man consists of many interrelated components, but the main link, perhaps, is the presence of good health and physical strength, through which the individual expresses his worth. This article reveals the components that make up male sexuality. All of these factors, in one way or another, are related to appearance and are aimed at producing the proper impression.

Male figure

Today, every self-respecting man wants to look presentable. Especially if he currently occupies some important post in society. Position because obliges you to take care of yourself and have a well-groomed appearance. The figure is for a man an indicator of his own masculinity and attractiveness. He also appreciates a woman’s slimness, smartness, desire for a healthy lifestyle, and activity in business. The more perfect the figure, the more confident a man feels. The self of a man with individual traits, aspirations, and talents is sometimes perceived through the lens of his appearance.

Their own personal personality with individual character traits, aspirations, and talents is sometimes perceived through the prism of their appearance.

How to form a great figure? The rules are well known. Avoiding bad habits, such as alcohol and snacking on fast food, will help solve many problems. Regular exercise and healthy nutrition will improve external performance many times over.

The ability to make an impression

Men are often so arranged that they need to exert any influence on those who are close to them. This is especially pronounced in relationships with women. It is noticed that the guy will never miss the opportunity to just talk to the girl, even if he does not plan to meet her. In this way, with a couple of phrases, he emphasizes his dominant position. He just wants to look more successful and knowledgeable.

That is why men have long held higher positions in society. They owned all the power in the political and economic social system. A woman had no right to manage her own time before. And she couldn’t even choose her beloved man to be a companion for marriage.

Male behavior

The sexuality of a man is always manifested in the external plan, through active actions, the desire to be useful and necessary. The behavior of a man, whatever he does, is intended to impress, and sometimes to conquer the heart of a particular lady.

An extrovert man acts in society in such a way as to remain visible and make a vivid impression.

An introverted man can also be attractive, but only if he learns to look presentable and work on himself, then it is possible to have the right reaction in society.

Clothing and appearance

A man who considers himself sexy will never allow himself to appear in front of the girl he likes or his colleagues in a dirty sweater and torn jeans. He is likely to wear the latest fashion, or at least emphasize their own merits of appearance. A sloppy guy is unlikely to make a good impression. And he certainly will not be considered sexy.

Admittedly, men very often think about their attractiveness. They doubt themselves, just less talk about it out loud than women. It seems to them that expressing their own concerns about attractiveness, and sharing them with friends is akin to weakness. Male sexuality is such that it is always realized on the external plane and its goal is to make the right impression. Women’s attractiveness is not so frank, it has a more inner life.

Face and hair

Guys, no less than girls are able to worry about the appearance of acne on the face and other problems associated with the skin and appearance in general. It only seems that they do not pay any attention to their appearance, that they do not care how and from what side they are judged by others.

In fact, they are extremely vulnerable. One careless word, thrown casually, can offend more than offend a girl in the same situation. The fact is that the beautiful half of humanity for the most part is critical of itself. But men are trying in every way to maintain a leading position in society.

The sexuality of a man is directly related to how he relates to his own personality. High self-esteem is expressed in the fact that the representative of the stronger sex carefully monitors itself. He washes his hair regularly and therefore his face is in proper condition.

He knows how to care for the skin so that less acne occurs. It must be admitted that it is the face and hair that first of all becomes noticeable by eye contact. If they are not properly looked after, all other victories will have absolutely no value.


Men tend to have a low voice, some speak in a bass voice. Thus, they consciously or do not, but emphasize their belonging to the male sex. A voice can express a bunch of emotions: anger, disappointment, surprise, enthusiasm, contentment, etc.

Male sexuality is beautifully expressed through the voice. As a rule, a strong half of humanity speaks louder, intonation is notable for confidence and firmness. But not everything is given to a man so simple and it is also necessary to work correctly on a voice. Not all guys, when they grow up, the voice gets a confident shade.

The rest of the guys have to try hard to match their age and position in society. How can you help yourself? It is necessary to develop hardness in character and to be demanding of oneself. Then the visible changes are sure to reflect on the voice.


Everyone knows that you need to take care of yourself. A man due to physiological characteristics needs to take a shower at least twice a day. Everyone is pleased to communicate with a neat and clean person. Sexuality cannot be fully manifested if the person does not follow the basic rules of hygiene. One can hardly call such a man attractive.

Thus, it is not necessary for a man to be beautiful in order to grow his own attraction. He, unlike women, is less dependent on their natural data. But a sexy man must be attractive in appearance. He should have a developed charm and a desire to like, to make the right impression.

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