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Prostate Massage to Increase Potency

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Normal erectile function depends on many reasons, one of which is the health of the prostate gland. Prostate massage to increase potency in men will be effective if the disruption of this gland is reversible and not associated with cancer processes.

Why do you need a prostate massage?

The prostate gland consists of parenchymal tissue, it is small in size with about a walnut and is located under the bladder. Through her body pass the vas deferens and the beginning of the urethra. Under the influence of unfavorable endogenous and external factors such as decreased hormone production, stress, infectious, and inflammatory processes, the secretory activity of this organ is impaired, and the tissues swell and can increase in volume. As a result of this, compression of the peripheral blood vessels occurs which provides normal blood filling of the cavernous corpuscles of the penis during an erection.

A mechanical effect on the gland tissue helps relieve congestion, improve blood circulation, and secretory activity, and prevent inflammatory processes. A positive result of the manipulations performed is an increase in the quality of an erection, its hardness, and duration. However, such a massage is not able to get rid of impotence. In this case, complex treatment is required.

Preventive and therapeutic prostate massage is carried out both in a medical institution and at home. It should be remembered that a hormonal malfunction cannot be eliminated in this way. It is only possible to slightly increase vascular tone, and stimulate the outflow of stagnant secretions and lymph, thereby temporarily eliminating excessive pressure on the surrounding organs, and strengthening local immunity. If the causes of erectile dysfunction lie in a different sphere, it will not be possible to improve potency with the help of massage.

In any case, before deciding to take care of your health in this way, you must definitely consult with a urologist and undergo a medical examination. Massage can be started only in the absence of acute inflammation or signs of malignant degeneration of tissues.

Types and techniques of massage

The procedure performed in a medical institution is of primary importance since a professional approach allows you to avoid mistakes, and reduce the risk of injury, and the penetration of infections into the body. However, at home, it is easier and easier for a man to provide comfortable conditions and easier to relax. In addition, at home, the medical focus of massage can be shifted to the erotic side.

Depending on the method of execution, external massage, transrectal, and massage of tissues surrounding the prostate are distinguished. Manipulation can be carried out manually or using special devices.

During the procedure, the large intestine should be empty and the bladder full. This will create some pressure on the prostate by pushing it a little and making it more accessible for massaging movements.

External prostate massage

Massage of the surrounding tissues, from which the effect on the prostate gland should begin, can be carried out independently, controlling your sensations and well-being. This type of massage does not involve penetrating actions.

The procedure must be performed after taking a bath or shower, the skin should be clean. For better contact, it is useful to use massage oil or regular cream. Hand movements should be soft and rhythmic, without sharp jerking and rough pressing.

External Prostate Massage Technique

Here is the procedure:

  • Before the massage, you need to drink a glass of water and perform several gymnastic exercises (squats, swinging legs, jumping, or running in place).
  • To free the body from clothes, to take a supine position, and to warm the palms of the hands by rubbing against each other.
  • After relaxing the abdominal muscles, place the palms just above the pubis so that the fingertips touch. With the ring and middle fingers, make circular movements, gently pressing on the stomach, for 1 minute.
  • Without lifting your palms from the skin, move your arms 2-3 cm to the sides: left hand – in the left direction, right hand – to the right. The skin will be a little taut.
  • Repeat massaging movements with your fingers.
  • Move palms up 2 cm on the surface of the abdomen. Massage this area for 1 minute. Then again move your hands a little up on the surface of the abdomen and repeat the massage. Thus, perform movements until the fingers are at the level of the navel.
  • The next step is the same massage with the hands moving down.

The whole complex takes about 15 minutes. The urge to urinate after a massage is quite normal. In the process of execution, you need to pay attention to the manifesting pain or discomfort in the abdominal cavity. This may be a sign of an inflammatory disease or a tumor.

This method allows you to normalize blood circulation in the tissues surrounding the prostate. It must be performed daily or every other day.

Contraindications to such a massage are the following factors:

  • damage and irritation to the skin;
  • high body temperature;
  • exacerbation of any chronic disease;
  • oncological processes.

External prostate massage to enhance potency can be done in another way – by acting on the organ through the skin in the perineum. You can perform it yourself or with the help of a sexual partner. To do this, it is necessary to take a position while lying or sitting with legs raised and spread apart to the sides.

The midpoint between the testicular region and the anus is selected, which must be massaged with stroking and rhythmically pressing movements for 1-2 minutes. These movements can be used as preliminary stimulating caresses before sexual intercourse, combined with stimulation of the testicles and penis.

Internal prostate massage

Transrectal massage to increase potency in men has better results since it directly affects the prostate itself through the thin wall of the rectum. This procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, but you can also do it at home. The technique does not provide for anything complicated.

Massage the Prostate Directly

Direct prostate massage and potency are closely related, as the procedure helps to remove accumulated secretions, get rid of pathogenic microflora, enhance interstitial metabolic processes, and stimulate the work of the capillary network, eliminating many harmful factors.

How does prostate massage increase potency?

The prostate is highly sensitive, exposure to it leads to sexual arousal, and improved blood circulation in the pelvic area enhances erection and increases the duration of sexual intercourse. The effectiveness of the massage is enhanced if held before intimacy.

Contraindications for conducting are:

  • external and internal hemorrhoids;
  • rectal fissures;
  • proctitis and other inflammatory diseases;
  • acute prostatitis;
  • suspected cancer or prostate adenoma;
  • polypous formations;
  • stones in the ureters;
  • pain, bleeding.

It is possible, but rather difficult technically, to perform transrectal massage independently to increase potency. Action is best entrusted to a partner. The ideal condition is that she has medical education and relevant skills. But even without them, everything is quite feasible. Compliance with the necessary hygiene rules and basic knowledge of human anatomy will be required.

Preparation for the procedure includes a cleansing microcluster and thorough washing of the perianal region. For the procedure, you will need latex medical gloves or a condom, a silicone-based lubricant or petroleum jelly for lubrication. Allowed to perform manipulation in the shower or bath.

Correct prostate massage to increase potency is performed in the knee-elbow position, lying on the side or on the back with knees pressed to the chest. The anus should be accessible and open for penetration.

On the index finger, previously dressed in a glove, it is necessary to apply lubricant and, using soft smooth circular movements through the anal orifice, enter the rectum by about 4-5 cm. If the massage is also performed for erection, then with the other hand you can stimulate the scrotum and glans penis. This will help the man relax.  The finger inserted inside must be pressed firmly against the front wall of the rectum and carefully moved along it with light sliding movements. Under the mucous and muscle layers is the prostate gland. At hand, it feels like a small tubercle. Having felt the gland, it is necessary to determine its boundaries with a finger, gently stroking.

Next, a smooth and easy massaging of the prostate gland from the edges to the center. It is important to methodically squeeze to achieve the desired result. When identifying particularly hard areas, it is worthwhile to dwell on them longer.

At the end of the massage, a characteristic movement of the finger along the central furrow from top to bottom should be carried out to advance the secret along the ducts. Gently remove your finger from the anus.

If the massage is performed for the first time, gentle stroking will suffice. When re-conducting, you must first try to pay attention to the right lobe of the prostate, then, rhythmically pressing, massage the left lobe of the organ from the edges to the middle, stimulating the elimination of stagnant secretions.

Movements can be circular, figure-eight, or vibrating.

Pain sensations during massaging manipulations should not be. The duration of one session is 1 minute. Stimulation for too long can cause discomfort and irritation afterward.

Massage result

With proper massage, at the end of the procedure, a few drops of transparent secretion are released from the urethra. With existing congestion in the prostate, a secret is cloudy, bloody, or yellow, which indicates an inflammatory process in the organ. In this case, the sessions cannot be continued.

To completely free the body from secretions, after the massage it is necessary to urinate. The sensitive delicate organ, which is the prostate, can respond with a slight burning sensation, which disappears after a few minutes.

When performed correctly, massage of the prostate necessarily causes an erection. If no signs of arousal are observed, the causes of dysfunction should be sought elsewhere.

Such stimulation should not be abused. Exposure to the prostate gland is transrectally allowed 2-3 times a week for no longer than 2 minutes. At the same time, sessions can be a pleasant and useful part of intimate caresses before sex.

Prostate massage health benefits

Regular prostate massage improves potency immediately after each session. In the absence of pronounced problems with an erection, the performed manipulations will have a preventive effect, help to obtain new sharp and vivid sensations from sex, and increase the duration of sexual intercourse.


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