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Age stages of male sexual activity

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Why do some men always want and can, while others need a lot of effort in order to receive and give sexual pleasure? This largely depends on various factors and, above all, on age.

According to sexologists who study the manifestations of male sexual activity, the life cycle of every man includes four age periods, each of which is significantly different from the other.

Stage one: hypersexuality.

Usually, this period lasts from 17 to 22 years. At this age, hormones are off-scale in young guys, and the blood boils from excess testosterone. They masturbate frequently, which helps alleviate the painful effects of forced abstinence. The young man is constantly looking for any opportunity for sexual intercourse. The desire for intimacy is in the foreground and pushes other thoughts aside.

Guys of this age have very high levels of male sex hormones. Their excitement comes instantly. For the emergence of an erection, they do not even need a specific object in the form of an attractive woman, only imagination, vitreous thoughts, and fantasies are enough.

At this young age, sexual activity is almost endless, an erection occurs almost instantly. At the same time, five minutes after ejaculation, the man is already ready for new intimacy.

But this high level of excitability has some drawbacks as well. In order to reach orgasm, a young guy needs a minimum of time. It may take a few seconds for him to ejaculate. Therefore, young guys at this age do not manage to have prolonged intercourse. They also cannot engage in foreplay for long. For them, this expectation is physically painful.

According to sexologists, for a young guy of this age, the ideal intimate partner is a woman of 40-45 years old. Her needs and abilities are at their highest possible peak. In addition, she also has a solid intimate experience, allowing you to smooth out any awkwardness and contradictions.


Second Age Stage: Transitional Period

Attractive Couple, Young Man Kissing Beautiful Sexy WomanThis period lasts approximately 23 to 28-30 years. This stage is characterized by the accumulation of certain sexual experiences. A man of this age leads a rather promiscuous sex life. He has a lot of chaotic casual relationships. He learns to control ejaculation. Thus, training is gradually gained and some experience appears, thanks to which he is capable of longer sexual intercourse.

His testosterone level is still high, but gradually, imperceptibly, begins to decline to optimal values. His body has learned to cope with high levels of sex hormones and has adapted to this level.

At this age, arousal is no longer as high as at 17-18 years old. In addition, sexual desire can be supplanted by negative causes such as fatigue, malaise, and stress. Therefore, for an erection to appear, a man needs a specific object of desire – an attractive woman.

But in general, during this period, male sexual activity remains stable and high, and problems with erection, as a rule, do not arise. Most of the stronger sex at this age already have a decent intimate experience and have a sufficient number of partners. Therefore, they are more sensitive to the needs of women and are open to new exciting experiments.


Third Age Period: Mature Sexuality

This age stage lasts from about 30 to 40 years old. The vast majority of men at this age have a long-term stable relationship with the same woman. The man has already developed his own individual level of sexual activity, which is optimal for his constitution. As a rule, at thirty years old, the average typical representative of the stronger sex commits 3 intercourses per week, and by the age of forty, this level decreases to 2.

The amount of sex hormones is steadily decreasing. But the craving for sex is still high. However, the readiness of men for intercourse is more and more often than before, influenced by external factors, in particular, the physical and mental state.

It is very important that this age is the defining period for achieving socially significant goals. Therefore, the man is under some pressure from public expectations. It is important for him to be successful in various fields, keep up with others, provide financially for the family, and make a career.

His ability to be aroused at any time and from anything is reduced. Fantasy alone is no longer enough for him. He needs specific incentives, such as an attractive woman who seeks to seduce him. The “former omnivorousness” is left behind, so it is more comfortable for him to focus on one partner.


Stage Four: Decreased Male Sexual Activity

After 45 years of age, sexual function inevitably continues to decline. Interest in sex is also becoming less keen. This does not mean at all that upon reaching the age of 45, a man ceases to be a man. Of course, it is not. But its activity is inexorably decreasing. The erection becomes weaker, and stimulation is often required to induce it.

The main difference between this phase is that the emphasis shifts from physiology to psychology. A man may often think about sex, but his attraction is no longer as violent and irrepressible as in his younger years. He easily tolerates periods of abstinence, although, however, this is undesirable, since a non-working male organ loses its function faster.

But some part of the male population of the sex still retains a strong and stable sexual temperament, and their potential is still high. It depends on innate qualities and constitution. It should be noted that many men by this age already have acquired chronic diseases that negatively affect their performance.

More than half of men after 50 years already had certain problems with erections. In some, they are periodic, in others, they are almost constant. In any case, achieving an erection requires stimulation, sometimes painstaking and prolonged. Often at this age, a man already tries and uses additional sexual stimulants to maintain an erection.

Almost all men over the age of 45 have serious experience of long-term sexual relations. And the remaining half a percent will remain virgin forever.

A very important factor, from this moment a man usually switches to a woman. For him, it is no longer so important to get relaxation on his own as to please his partner. And he really knows and understands how to do it. He is now capable of prolonged intercourse. He also has extensive experience in the intimate sphere, so he knows how to treat a woman, and knows all the intimate secrets of her body.

According to sexologists, mature men are ideal partners for young girls, they are able to open up the whole world of sexual experiences to them.

Of course, these are only average data, and in fact, male sexual activity depends on many individual characteristics – lifestyle, heredity, and mental and physical health of a particular person.

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