Performer5 is a new Ejaculation Enhancement Pills which are designed to enhance the potency and length of ejaculations. Besides increasing the amount or volume of ejaculation (by up to 5 times), Performer5 also boosts erection strength, which results in a greater appetite for sex, greater virility and more confidence in bed. These semen pills are formulated specifically for improving the male sperm count and providing for lengthy and powerful orgasms.

Why Performer5 One of the Best?

Performer5 Ejaculation Enhancement PillsProducts that are designed to improve male ejaculation, like Semenax, Virilex, and VolumePills, have paved the way for what most people consider to be the “norm” when it comes to increasing male sperm volume. But Performer5, with its important essential nutrients needed for powerful orgasms and an intense, volume-filled ejaculation, has raised the banner again by helping men increase their levels of ejaculation by 500%. And it does this the first time you take it. Only the male supplement like Performer5 can provide men with a formula derived from scientific and clinical studies, along with nine years’ experience in the area of male enhancement treatments.

How Does Performer5 Work?

This product is manufactured with all-natural and organic ingredients. Their goal is to stimulate the testes and male sex glands to boost the production of semen and sperm volume and enjoy sexual life. And this results in a much larger volume of sperm and semen while increasing male sexual passion and appetite.

Some of the nutrients in Performer5 are already present in your body from the food you eat. But because they are not present in sufficient quantities, you need some help raising your ejaculation output. When you add important ingredients together your results will be about five times the amount of your normal ejaculation volume.

Performer5 is not like other male supplements that only target penis support from the outside. It first gives your body what it needs internally by supplying all the vital nutrients your body needs to increase the production of sperm.

Ejaculation Enhancement Pills and Your Penis Size

Another great benefit of Performer5 volume enhancement is that it also helps increase your penis size, giving you both a stronger and harder erection. That’s because it increases the flow of blood to the penis, making it more erect. This increased blood flow makes you more attractive to the women in your life.

What Makes Performer5 Different From Other Volume Enhancers?

It is a very powerful male supplement and is produced with pure and natural ingredients like pomegranate, which is known to greatly enhance sexual performance.

Here are some of the results you can expect when you use Performer5:

physician* It elevates levels of testosterone naturally
* Higher levels of testosterone levels mean larger semen and sperm volume
* Makes ejaculations more intense and increases sexual stamina
* Higher levels of testosterone increase sexual appetite and desire
* Harder and bigger penis due to more blood flow
* Higher level of gratification and sexual performance

Stop suffering from an anemic sex life just because you can’t perform due to a small penis or small volume of semen production. Start using Performer5 and you’ll be assured of a larger, firmer penis that will give you more sexual pleasure than you’ve ever experienced.

What is the Performer5 Money-back Guarantee?

Ejaculation Enhancement Pills like Performer5 come with one of the best guarantees anywhere on the market! Use it for six months (which is the recommended dosage time frame), and if you’re not totally satisfied with your results for any reason, just return it for a full 100% refund, no questions asked. Guaranteed to increase your ejaculation volumes with unique powerful formula and clinically proven ingredients. 100% Satisfaction. No fuss, 60-day guarantee.

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