Perfumes, colognes, and sprays with pheromones for men are designed to help some representatives of the strong half of humanity get rid of their insecurities while communicating with women. But you can achieve the desired effect only if you use the pheromone for men correctly, accurately picking up the fragrance and observing the conditions of application of the attractant.

There are several secrets, knowledge of which will help not only attract the attention of the opposite sex but also cause a real passion based on sexual attraction.

Since ancient times, chemists and perfumers have been struggling to create the elixir of eternal love, but it remains a mystery. However, modern scientists managed to unravel the mystery of sexual attraction. One of its main factors is the odor that occurs when hormones are actively produced and released together with the secretion of sweat glands.

Today many cosmetic companies offer on the Internet for men a wide range of high-quality pheromone products (attractants) that can attract women.

What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?

Best Pheromones For MenIt has long been known in the scientific world that certain chemicals, known as pheromones, trigger strong sexual desire.

Pheromones are biologically active volatile substances, in other words, attractants, which are developed by all living beings to attract individuals of the opposite sex and inform them of their readiness for reproduction.

The sexual behavior of people also depends on the effect of these volatile substances.

Pheromones do not smell and are perceived by a person with the help of special glands that are in our noses. From there, the signal is transmitted to the brain, and the person tunes in for sexual contact. Those pheromones that are added to perfume or colognes are not natural, they are obtained synthetically in laboratories.

To clarify how male pheromones act, scientists have conducted many scientific experiments. It was proved that under the influence of these substances in the female body, the production of sex hormones increases, and an irresistible attraction to a representative of the opposite sex arises.

Types of Pheromones

Pheromone moleculeThese volatile compounds can be of the following types:

  • organic, produced by glands of man or animal, isolated from plants;
  • synthetic, produced artificially in laboratory conditions.

Among organic pheromones, the most common are:

  • androstenone – is produced by a male organism and forces a woman to see in a man a strong male, capable of reproduction;
  • androstadienone – developed in men and awakens a woman’s sensuality, tenderness, and love mood and also improves mood;
  • androsterone – a male pheromone, which causes a woman a sense of safety and reliability;
  • androstenol – is produced in representatives of both sexes, causes a sense of trust in a man, and gives a feeling of a better option for reproduction;
  • copuline – a female pheromone, causes a man sexual arousal.

Sex hormones produced in male and female organisms cause changes in the smell of sweat, making it at certain times not just attractive, but rather magnetically attractive. This feature is due to pheromones.

Women have for many centuries used different smells to attract men, rubbing the body with aromatic oils or adding scented herbs to the bathwater.

Modern men, in turn, to enhance their sexual attractiveness in the eyes of beautiful ladies can apply a spray, cologne, perfume, or deodorant with sex pheromones.

Women feel the sexual attractiveness of certain extraordinary men who are called alpha males.

How Effective is the Use of Pheromones?

Best Pheromones And Sexual AttractionPsychologists assert that the action of products with attractants is associated with the psycho-emotional state of a person. Confidence in the effectiveness of these products gives a person more confidence and relaxedness, making him charming and attractive to others, especially to members of the opposite sex.

However, scientists, having studied the mechanism according to which perfumery products with male pheromones create a sexual attraction in women, came to an unambiguous conviction – male pheromones attract women.

These substances are virtually odorless, captured by the vomeronasal organ located in the nose. The signal is then transmitted to the brain and the process takes place that activates the production of sex hormones enhancing the sexual attraction and desire of the opposite sex. Pheromones thus affect women’s moods and sexuality.

The effect of the action of male pheromones is so great that beautiful ladies communicate with interest with those guys who have recently not aroused the slightest interest. In addition, this communication is fun. A woman does not just draw attention to a man, and she has the desire to continue dating.

Pheromones for men, contained in toilet water, spray, or cologne after application, spread from the surface of the body and the hair. They are caught by a sensitive female sense of smell and do not make you wait for a response.

However, a woman cannot say that she likes the smell coming from a man. Often she is not even able to clearly explain her choice and name the cause of the magnetic attraction that arose.

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