VigRX Incontinix - Male Bladder Control SupplementAchieve better bladder control with VigRX Incontinix, an advanced 100% natural supplement specially formulated for men.

If you wake up several times a night to pee or you experience frequent urination throughout the day and night, you suffer from urinary incontinence issues then you have a bladder problem.

And research shows that when these problems are not addressed, they get worse. But unfortunately, for men, there are not many options that have been proven effective without any negative side effects.

Fortunately, there is an effective natural solution to the annoying problem of an overactive bladder that works as an alternative to conventional medications.

Incontinix is the breakthrough premium all-natural supplement created by VigRX to help men with bladder control issues.

Those men who want to control their bladder rather than letting it dominate their life should consider the Incontinix supplement. This is a great chance to get rid of the listed health ailments.



What Is VigRX Incontinix?

An overactive bladder (OAB) is a widespread problem affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. The total cost of treating these patients is tens of billions of dollars in the US alone. Thirty percent of all men in the United States are living with OAB symptoms.

That’s why Inctontinix was created with a 100% natural 3-part revolutionary bladder control formula.

Incontonix is ​​a clinically proven natural dietary supplement that includes natural ingredients to support bladder health in men. As tests have shown, the supplement can improve all aspects of the urinary system while also reducing urinal urges, and reducing leaks.

According to VigRX, the Incontonix formula has been clinically tested, protected by international patents, and is one of the few clinically proven products.


Clinically Proven Results

Doctor with VigRX IncontinixWhile other bladder supplements on the market today make bold promises without any supporting data, this innovative supplement was tested in a legitimate clinical study.

The study was based on the study and therapeutic effect of a proprietary blend of herbal extracts in accordance with Urox.

A journal called BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies published the study because the findings were so astounding.

The specifics of that scientific study are as follows:

  • Researchers were interested in whether the Incontinix formulation could lessen typical incontinence symptoms. So they enlisted 150 people with bladder problems.
  • A double-blind, placebo-controlled study lasting 8 weeks was conducted. Such conditions meet the requirements of the “Gold Standard” for scientific research.


Amazing Results and Benefits

There have been some astounding results, including:

  • makes it less urgent to urinate.
  • Reduces trips to the toilet both during the day and at night.
  • enhances the living quality and sleep.
  • Leaks have been halved.
  • Supports the function of the male bladder.
  • There are no side effects

This is due to the fact that after receiving this incredible bladder control formula, the subjects’ overall urgency decreased by 62%. Additionally, 60% of subjects reported beginning to have a usual normal daytime frequency. Moreover, nearly 25% stopped rushing to the restroom at night. Furthermore, 23% of the volunteers said they were completely free of symptoms in just 8 weeks.


What Is Overactive Bladder and How Does It Show Up?

An overactive bladder is not a disease. This is a collective concept (syndrome), which includes a complex of urinary symptoms.

Male urinary incontinenceThe main symptom is a sudden, strong urge (an imperative or commanding urge) to urinate that you cannot control. At the same time, in most cases, it is not always possible to run to the toilet, and leakage of urine is possible, that is, incontinence occurs.

If you live with this problem you very often experience:

  • Urinary leakage (incontinence): Very often, people with an overactive bladder experience urge incontinence, which manifests itself in the inability to hold urine after a pronounced urge to urinate.
  • Frequent urination: Run to the toilet more than eight times a day on average.
  • Nighttime urination (nocturia): The presence of this symptom, more than once, is another characteristic sign of an overactive bladder.

Some people experience incontinence when laughing, sneezing, or exercising.


Causes and Risk Factors For Urinary Incontinence

Before you start taking VigRX Incontinix Supplement, you first need to understand how incontinence works.

The causes of incontinence can be different – for example, stress after surgery, the consequences of a stroke, spinal cord injury, and other diseases of the nervous system.

One of the most common risk factors for urinary incontinence is older age. Men over 65 experience this problem due to a decrease in strength and overall muscle tone, especially in the pelvic floor muscles.

Normally, in order to prevent leakage of urine, the sphincters (valve muscles) of the urethra should be closed during the accumulation of urine in the bladder. At the same time, his muscle should be relaxed.

When the bladder is full, signals from it are transmitted to the spinal cord and then to the brain, after which response signals follow the same path, causing the bladder to contract and the sphincters to open. As a result, urine flows out of the bladder.


How Does VigRX Incontinix Work?

The action of Incontinix is ​​aimed at improving the control of bladder tone by strengthening the 3 muscles that determine the functioning of the urinary system. These muscles include the muscles of the bladder, pelvic wall, and sphincter.

Strengthening the tone of the bladder causes its muscles to contract completely, which improves urination. So when you strengthen these muscles you can expect less leakage and less discomfort.


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Incontinix capsules improve bladder tone and performance in men of all ages with its clinically proven 100% natural 3-part formula. That’s a result of the 20+ years of cutting-edge research that went into testing and refining this special 3-part formula.

In actuality, researchers conducted 14 clinical trials to test this groundbreaking innovation. Due to this, the product is protected by 24 international patents, including US Patent No. 9,452,191. This success has been recognized with multiple awards for its effective relief of bladder discomfort.


Cratevox (Crataeva Nurvala)

An herb called Crataeva Nurvala has been used for generations to support the bladder and ease urinary issues. Additionally, a recent study also showed that Crataeva improved both bladder capacity and tone.

A specific extract of Crataeva Nurvala is known as CratevoxTM. It is produced using a special method intended to guarantee consistent quality for optimal efficiency. Additionally, this specific nutrient for bladder control aids in lowering the desire to urinate while encouraging a general sense of relief after doing so.

Lindera Aggregata

For the bladder, Lindera Aggregata is regarded as an “anti-aging” herb. This is due to the bladder’s ability to “rewind” time and become stronger like it did when you were younger.

This potent nutrient for bladder rejuvenation may give you a sense of complete control over your urine system. Additionally, the Lindera Aggregata used in this solution is unique in that it was grown and farmed under the finest quality standards. Because of this, you can always count on the best quality and consistently outstanding outcomes.

Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense)

Medical practitioners advise using horsetail if a patient struggles with sporadic incontinence of the urinary tract. This is due to horsetail’s potent anti-inflammatory effects, which are essential for normal bladder function. Most intriguingly, research demonstrates that mixing Crateava with Horsetail dramatically lowers potty trips.

You receive a healthy dose of Horsetail and a unique variety of Crataeva when you use Incontinix®. This has a potent synergistic impact that drastically lowers restroom visits while improving your bladder control.


How do I Use Incontinix?

Incontinix should be taken orally on a daily basis. We recommend taking two capsules in the morning each day. Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules, with 2 capsules serving size. This means that each bottle has 30 servings. That is, this supply of capsules will last you a month. Effective and safe for everyday use.


When Can Results be Expected?

Incontinix is meant to work quickly, so you could see effects in as little as 14 days. Imagine feeling fewer desires to “go” and going to the restroom less frequently in just two weeks.

One of the best features of this supplement is that the outcomes improve with time. That is, as time passes, you may find yourself sleeping through the night without the need to urinate frequently.



VigRX Incontinix GuaranteeCompleted clinical tests suggest that this is the best product in this category, and customer feedback indicates that it works. This means you will reap all of the benefits of this product while experiencing fewer leaks.

At the same time, the makers provide a generous money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your experience for any reason.

All you have to do is place an order to be qualified for the 67-day return policy. You have 60+ days to try the formulation before requesting a refund.


Where to Buy Incontinix

You can order Incontinix online directly through the manufacturer’s official website to get the best prices.

There are currently three packages available on their website with current prices at this point in time:

  • 1 Bottle, 1 Month Supply: $49.99
  • 2 Bottles, 2 Month Supply: $89.99 – $44.99 per bottle
  • 3 Bottles, 3 Month Supply: $124.99 – $41.66 per bottle

Currently, all orders include the bonus of free shipping within the United States.


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The Bottom Line

Incontinix is ​​arguably the most powerful natural male bladder support supplement available online at today. This groundbreaking clinically proven 3-part innovative formula delivers fast and guaranteed results.

Doctors recommend Incontinix as an alternative to conventional medications as an effective natural solution to the annoying problem of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.