Clinically proven and safe method to increase your ejaculation and prolong orgasm.

Semenax Semen Enhancement PillsSemenax has been on the market since 2001 now and is a completely natural herbal supplement it has helped men irrespective of their age, to be able to give the best performance for every time that they have intercourse.

Semenax is a dietary supplement for the male climax of intensity created by dedicated professionals whose area of focus has been the improvement and enhancement of the sexual functioning as well as pleasure for men. Having helped thousands of men in achieving prime sexual health as well as satisfaction, medical specialists understand how important the aforementioned factor for the total health and well-being of men.

There is much truth in the fact that the larger the volume of ejaculate so much more pleasant for both partners. Therefore, Semenax is a possible answer for someone to solve many problems associated with not very successful sexual experiences. This is a completely natural medically approved supplement that can help improve your ejaculate volume and potency levels to new mind-blowing heights.

semenax pillsBeing 100% natural, it is easily obtainable over the counter and is easy to take. all you need to do is take 2 pills twice, daily and the job is done. Each bottle contains within them a 30 days’ supply, and it is recommended to follow a course of 60-90 days for optimum results.

How does Semenax Semen Enhancement Pills Really Work?

Semenax helps in increasing the volume of semen and sperm count, available for every orgasm. It also means that more contractions would be needed to release them, adding to the stronger as well as more pleasurable orgasms. An increase in the production of sperm also results in increased fertility naturally.

Therefore Semenax not only helps in increasing the ejaculation count but also helps in enhancing the overall functioning of a man’s entire reproductive system, with ingredients that are natural, safe and provide nutrients and energy.

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Satisfied guy with SemenaxIt is a great choice for men seeking to take their orgasms to a higher level, and the intake of the supplement daily has been designed to increase, the total volume of the semen that is ejaculated by almost 500% during orgasms, hence Semenax helps you in experiencing, harder and bigger erections assisted by orgasms that are super intense in nature.

One may not be aware of the fact that the harder, and more frequent the contraction of your penile muscles shall be, in order to ejaculate the increased semen volume, the more pleasurable and harder the resultant orgasms shall be.

Semenax pills most definitely can be beneficial for any man who wishes to increase his volume of ejaculation and experience an increase in the intensity/power of the orgasms.



Thus, the main advantages Semenax:

  • a five-fold increase in the sperm volume
  • prolongation of ejaculation
  • a longer orgasm
  • more vivid sensations during orgasm
  • improve the quality of sperm.
  • is actually the best multivitamin for men.
  • Improvement of fertility, that is, improving the reproductive qualities of sperm.
  • it has the highest recommendations leading urology and andrology, as the best means of contributing to the
  • improvement of quantitative and qualitative indicators of sperm.

SemEnhance From the Makers of Semenax

This product was developed by the Semenax team to sweeten sperm taste. SemEnhance semen sweetener is suitable for those guys who practice oral sex with their partner.
Girl with SemEnhance semen sweetener

SemEnhance includes natural sperm sweeteners such as kiwi, banana, pineapple, bee pollen, strawberries, and other ingredients. Such a fragrant set of components neutralizes and improves the bitter taste of sperm and does what she wants and loves – with pleasure to swallow it.

SemEnhance will help you get an awesome climax that is even twice as intense as before and will just go on and on as you dreamed!

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Who can use Semenax?

  • Semenax is intended basically for two groups of men:
    Guys who are in their sexual prime (between the age group of the 20s and 30s), who want to make their sexual experience much more intense, and desire wild orgasms that do not stop, along with big hard, contractions as well as improved visual releases and spray.
  • Guys who are now past their sexual prime (in the age group of the 40s and beyond) or the category of guys who are not satiated with either their ejaculations nor the intensity of their orgasms. And also those who are seeking at the restoration of the ejaculate power that they naturally experienced and possessed in their prime.

In both cases, Semenax is suitable, as it has been designed for men who seek to ejaculate loads that are more impressive visually. And also for men who want to take the intensity of their current erectile function and orgasms a notch further.

Why not just try a prescription pill?

Semenax, clinically proven to increase semen volume and intensity.

The fact is that prescription pills to improve an erection such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra generally do not address issues concerning load size. These medications are generally strictly formulated in order to increase the flow of blood to your penis, that is, to improve blood circulation. Hence in case of low semen volume, it is unlikely that prescription erection pills will be able to have the desired effect on the intensity of the orgasms as desired.

On the other hand, semen enhancement pills like Semenax have been designed in a natural manner to aid in the aspects that are related to the issues of male sexual health pertaining to the volume of ejaculates. Hence it not only helps increase the amount of semen produced, but it also saves you from the side effects that can occur due to prescription medications.

What are the main ingredients included in Semenax?

Semenax capsules include a patented combination of amino acids and all-natural herbal ingredients that have been specially studied, in a cGMP approved laboratory, with meticulous care. All the ingredients that are used in the pill have been proven to stimulate sexual activity and result in an increase in sperm as well as a production of semen in the testicles.

Every ingredient that has been chosen is in accordance with its usage in traditional societies as well as its track record in the scientific arena. The fact remains that many of the ingredients that are used have been discovered by the modern-day science quite recently, although they have been in use for hundreds of years by the ancient civilizations around the world, to aid in sexual wellness.

Cranberry ExtractCranberry Extract – these berries deliver nutrients needed to maintain optimal reproductive health.

Pumpkin SeedPumpkin Seeds – These seeds contain zinc is necessary for increasing the volume of sperm and hormonal production.

Butea SuperbaButea Superba – not only improves sexual performance but also has aphrodisiac properties

Swedish FlowerSwedish Flower – improves the function of the reproductive system and reduces the risk of prostate enlargement.

Zinc AspartateZinc Aspartate – a substance necessary for the development and normal functioning of the reproductive organs. Zinc increases the concentration of sperm and sperm mobility.

Vitamin EVitamin E – an antioxidant that improves erectile function. Vitamin E improves the metabolism and increases levels of hormones that regulate the reproductive and sexual health.

Pine Bark ExtractPine Bark Extract – increases the production of nitric oxide in the body. This chemical is involved in male sexual response and can also aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

MacaMaca – Lepidium meyenii – a well-known South American aphrodisiac has proven to promote mental clarity, libido, and physical energy. Maca increases sexual performance, stamina, and endurance.

How fast do Semenax pills show results?

In many cases, there have been reports of men seeing the result in a short period of 7 days, while most men on average can notice a difference in the first 30 days. However, in order to achieve optimum results, it is recommended to follow a course of 60-90 days in order to let the nutrients in the pills build up in your body.

After a 90-day supplementation, it should be noted that it is advisable to continue taking supplements in order to maintain the results achieved. Otherwise, there will be a decrease in the accumulated nutrients in the body, which will lead to a loss of a positive effect and a return to the original state of insatiability.

Is Semenax an appropriate supplement for a man with a vasectomy?

Yes, it is, as even after vasectomy you shall see dramatic improvements in the volume of your ejaculate as well as reap the orgasmic benefits.

Are there any side effects of Semenax?

Even though there are no reported side effects of these semen enhancement pills, in case you are worried about the potential health risks that it may pose or even about the fact that it may conflict with other medications that are being used by you, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Apart from these concerns the medicine is made up of as you know by now 100% natural active ingredients and herbal supplements, that have been formulated out of the finest quality of ingredients, and have been prepared to keep in mind the highest pharmaceutical standards of safety.

What about your guarantee?

Semenax manufacturers are so confident of their product that they are offering a 100% money-back guarantee (less shipping & handling). Use it for 60 days. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return the product for a full refund, no questions asked!

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