Men may seem to be less bothered about it, but they are extremely concerned about their fertility as well. Looking at the fact that males do want a normal healthy life with their spouse, for this, they need to have self-confidence in their ability to produce healthy children. Due to fertility issues, some men cannot perform at all and they cannot produce children as well. Therefore, to remove any uncertainty inside men, there are male fertility supplements now widely available. However, these are not sold in the market as other medicines do.

Happy pregnant woman and her husband due to male fertility supplementsAvailability of male fertility supplements:
Many of these products such as Amitamin Fertilsan M, Orthomol Fertil Plus, FertilAid, CountBoost, MotilityBoost are sold online so that men can buy them in a really discrete way. These supplements carry the right ingredients with which male’s body can produce more testosterone hence increasing the semen production. With an increase in semen, production males can perform better and they can have longer erections. There are ample of supplements in the market that can boost male fertility. Zinc is an essential ingredient that will be present in male fertility supplements. This can improve the sperm production and can also help females in getting pregnant.

There are many men who have fertility problems and they must not feel bad about it since they can be born this way or either they harm themselves in many ways. Men who want a happy healthy life and have children may go through fertility problems. These can be due to several reasons. Smoking is bad for health and it shrinks the blood vessels thus stopping the blood to rush into the male organs. This will result in a lack of semen production, lack of testosterone and lack of ability to produce children. Men must be extremely careful of what they do and chose to do when it comes to making habits.

Natural fertility products for men and more:
These products for men have many other natural ingredients like L-arginine, L-carnitine, Lycopene. This along with natural herbs and naturally occurring elements can help enhance male fertility power. Fertility supplements are safe and they do not even have any side effects, which may make males lethargic and make them feel sleepless rather than helping males in increasing their semen production. Any discrepancy in consuming these supplements may result in fertility problems. These supplements have help males have longer and harder erection along with more semen production. This is all possible with the right levels of testosterone in the blood.

Male fertility products must carry Vitamin A and E and while males go to buy these products they must make sure that they read the ingredients at the back to know if this is the right supplement for them and of the supplements do not carry any ingredient that they may react to. Low levels of Vitamin C in the blood can damage the DNA formation in sperm and may make the sperm weak. Other than just relying on the supplements, males must do regular exercise to keep their body in a healthy state. For that males must go for swimming, jogging, and regular walks.


Top 7 Natural Male Fertility Supplements 2017

Amitamin Fertilsan M

Feltisam M is a high-quality dietary supplement designed for men who have problems with fertility. Well-balanced nutritious elements, amino acids, and antioxidants in the formulation can help improve the quality of men’s sperm, and therefore, improve the male reproductive health.
Fertilsan M can help improve the quality of male sperm in the following cases:

Oligozoospermia – a low level of concentration of sperm in the ejaculate
Asthenozoospermia – a decrease in the number of motile sperms.
Teratozoospermia – it means the presence of the ejaculate more than 50% of abnormal sperm.

Feltisan M contains a huge amount of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants, which are necessary for the development of sperm. Since the process of sperm production takes three months is recommended to take Feltisan M continuously for at least three months.

Orthomol Fertil Plus

Orthomol Fertil Plus is a dietary supplement designed specifically for the treatment and prevention of impaired fertility function in men. This orthomolecular medication is recommended to take in preparation for pregnancy. Vitamins and minerals contained in the product improve sperm quality and beneficial to the overall health of the urine-genital system of men. Moreover, the complex is designed so that its component elements enhance each other’s effect, which increases the effectiveness of the drug during chronic administration. Orthomol Fertil Plus significantly increases the quality of sperm, as well as having a positive impact on the health of the sperm as a whole and increases their mobility, which in turn significantly increases the chances of conception and birth of a healthy baby.


Price: $51.83 Buy PROFerti Men Fertility

PROfertil this vitamin complex for men, which is designed to improve male reproductive function. The composition of PROfertil – vitamins, amino acids, microelements such as coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, glutathione, vitamin E, folic acid, selenium, and zinc. These minerals help to improve sperm motility, the binding of free radicals, increased levels of testosterone. Results of clinical studies have shown that after a course of the drug Profertil sperm quality significantly improved or completely returned to normal.


Fertilovit M Plus

Fertilovit M Plus for men is a dietary supplement that contains a combination of vitamins and other vital substances that promote the healthy development of sperm and protect them 24/7 against oxidative stress. Fertilovit M Plus offers optimum support for the solution of problems of male infertility associated with poor sperm quality, or if you are planning to do IVF or ICSI.


FertilAid for MenFertilAid for Men

Price $28.95  Buy FertillAid Now

The preparation enhances male fertility. The unique formula created by a group of experts andrologist to address key issues in the male fertility – increase in total sperm count and improve their quality (morphology, motility, and activity). The result is associated with an effective formula that combines a mixture of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, amino acids and L-carnitine.

Conduct scientific and clinical studies have confirmed the high efficacy of the drug for the treatment of male infertility. Scientific and clinical data available in the annual compilation of the American Society of Andrology (2009). This natural fertility supplement is manufactured in the US, GMP-certified, FDA-legitimized, that is a guarantee of quality and safety. It’s a perfect product for males who suffer from low sperm count and men who are seeking optimum sexual health.


CountBoost for MenCountBoost for Men

Price: $18.15  Buy CountBoost Now

Dietary supplement for men who showed a reduction in sperm count (less than 20 million. Spermatozoa in 1 ml of ejaculate), which is a major cause of male infertility. The preparation increases low sperm count and is recommended for use with complex additive FertilAid for Men.

Numerous scientific and medical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the unique combination of active ingredients, vitamins and herbal ingredients for the rapid increase in the total number of sperm.

The preparation contains vitamins, antioxidants, herbal supplements in dosages that provide a distinct clinical effect. Antioxidants and patented composition of herbal ingredients contribute to the qualitative stimulation of spermatogenesis, leading to overcoming infertility associated with decreased sperm count.  If you have a problem with low sperm count, one solution could be to use CountBoost for Men.


MotilityBoost for MenMotilityBoost for Men

Price: $19.95  Buy MotilityBoost Now

The dietary supplement designed to improve sperm motility. The drug is used in conjunction with complex additive FertilAid for Men.
The product contains a unique patented complex of natural ingredients, which in numerous scientific and clinical studies have established themselves as a potent stimulator of motility. The doses used to provide energy needs for the promotion of sperm through the cervical mucus, uterus, fallopian tubes until fertilization. Energy consumption is provided by higher doses of the daily requirement of vitamins, which leads to the desired result – overcoming infertility.

Problems with infertility are usually caused by low sperm motility. But science has shown that natural non-prescription supplements can greatly enhance sperm motility. MotilityBoost, along with FertilAid for Men, supplies the supplementation that is needed to solve this problem.