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Sex in Older Adults

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The theme of sex is associated with youth, health, and beauty. Few romantic films show the essence of intimate relationships between people who are well over 60. It is generally accepted that at an advanced age many older adults stop making love preferring household chores, caring for grandchildren, and reading books.

How truly this judgment cannot be affirmed with 100% certainty without knowledge of the physiological characteristics of the aging of the body of a man and woman?

Age-related physiology of women

The scientific definition of the desire to indulge in intimate caresses is called libido. It directly depends on the balance of hormones in the body. Scientists conducted a number of studies and concluded that a woman is able to maintain an acceptable level of libido on average for up to 85 years.

However, in practice, everything turned out to be less rosy. Research by scientists at the University of Chicago showed that only 55% of women aged 60+ regularly have sex. Every year, this figure drops by 1-2%. As a result, among women over 75, less than 20% continue to have intimate relationships with a man. But such a sharp decrease in activity is caused not only by the extinction of libido for natural reasons but also by the failure of the partner.

But for objectivity, judgments should be based only on factors related to women’s health. So, in old age everyone faces certain difficulties:

  • Menopause. In simple terms, this is menopause. On average, it occurs in 50-55 years and signals the extinction of childbearing function. In addition, hormonal restructuring of the body begins, which affects a woman’s desire to have sex. The physical ability of sexual intercourse is preserved;
  • Dryness and decreased elasticity of the walls of the vagina. The pleasure of proximity with a partner depends directly on the stimulation of erogenous zones. If a woman wants sex, then it becomes more difficult for her to get pleasant emotions from sex. This is due to the fact that the lubricant ceases to be produced due to the natural consequences of hormonal imbalance;
  • Depression. Hormonal imbalance greatly affects the psychological state. It seems to the ladies that together with the loss of childbearing function, they cease to be women in the full sense of the word. Complexes, irritability, and dissatisfaction with the spouse appear. Or, on the contrary, an apathetic attitude toward the environment.

As a result of these factors, the lady may completely abandon intimacy. However, if one is prepared for such processes in the body, they will pass with minimal consequences for the relationship. So, for example, taking certain drugs prolongs youth and intimate health. This is hormone replacement therapy and other medications. The use of lubricants (lubricants), intimate toys, and additional stimulants will revive interest in sex and make it comfortable for women aged.

Thus, answering the question about some limit figure of the age, after which calmness in sexual activity should come, we can safely say that it simply does not exist. A woman can have sex until she is old and there are no factors that would interfere with this wonderful activity. And the quality of the intimate sphere will entirely depend on the support of the body and the desire of the lady to continue sexual intercourse with men.

Age-related changes in men

Each representative of a strong half of humanity faces a difficult period in life – andropause. Depending on some factors such as lifestyle, genetics, and especially medical history, it can occur both at 55 and at 45 years old.

Unlike menopause, andropause does not mean a loss of reproductive ability. In medical terms, the production of testosterone is reduced, which affects potency and erection, but this does not mean that men no longer want sex.

If a man has diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and also if he is abusing alcohol or drugs, then he is more likely to become insolvent in an intimate relationship.

Andropause itself lasts 5-7 years. After this period, the hormonal imbalance is balanced, and the man feels much better. There is a desire to have sex, and increased libido. Of course, you can not compare a 20-year-old guy with a 70-year-old man.

However, the main difference in intimate behavior is only in the fact that the young body is capable of repeating sexual intercourse an hour after ejaculation, and in an elderly man, this period stretches for a day or more.

For aging men, sexual potency is becoming a problem. But in principle, the ability to have intimate relationships can last up to 85 years or more. For many years now, the market has been practicing the use of additional stimulant prescription drugs for erection, such as a famous little blue pill known as Viagra.

In addition, natural male enhancement supplements have recently become popular, such as VigRX Plus pills which help improve erections, and sex drive. VigRX Plus for men includes only natural ingredients and therefore does not have side effects.

The joy of sex after 60

The ability to make love and get an orgasm from sex in old age depends not only on existing diseases but also on competent hormone replacement therapy. Supporting body health allows couples to indulge in intimate relationships until they reach old age, and sometimes to the end of life.

Romantic older adults wants to have sex

It is good that processes such as an erection can be corrected by taking medications. Vaginal dryness is eliminated when using lubricants like Vigorelle. Female libido rises to the previous level if a woman is interested in maintaining harmony in marriage.

Studies of older adults show that more than half of pensioners rate the quality of sex at the highest level. The fact is that older adults have unconditional advantages that are rarely found in young people.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • First, by these years, both the man and the woman are well aware of what they need from sex. They know how to please themselves and their partner, and they do it;
  • Secondly, constraint and complexes have long been forgotten and do not interfere with the realization of the very fantasies that were previously simply hushed up;
  • Thirdly, older adults have the opportunity to devote all their time to each other. Children, as usual, have already left the nest, so no one bothers to finally be alone with their desires.

The benefit of intimate relationships in adulthood lies not only in pleasure but also in a positive effect on health. Doctors found that if a person regularly has sex, then he gets the following benefits:

  • Life expectancy increases;
  • Blood pressure indicators are improving;
  • The body is saturated with oxygen, so blood circulation in the vessels is normalized;
  • An increase in immune properties occurs;
  • The risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced.

So, having sex is quite real in old age and even until the end of life. And if a man or woman refuses such joys, then the reason for this is not health or age, but only psychological attitudes.

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