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Sexual Problems in Men and Solutions

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Studies show that even among married couples who are happy in marriage, approximately 51% of men periodically experienced sexual difficulties of various types. However, contrary to the beliefs of some people, regular sexual intercourses are not a necessary and indispensable condition for maintaining health. It is known that men who lead an ascetic lifestyle adhere to abstinence in accordance with their philosophical or religious considerations, do not have health problems.

Similarly, there is no particular harm in the rejection of comfortable living conditions or from the reception of delicious food. But the reality is that full-fledged sex being one of the pleasures of life. Sex helps maintain a good emotional mood for those who do not avoid earthly joys. Sexual disorders often cause people a lot of unnecessary suffering, useless and harmful, because there are well-proven ways to adjust them.

For example, premature ejaculation can occur in young men with insufficient experience of communication with the opposite sex. However, even experienced men with strong sexual arousal are not able to perform a sexual act of normal duration. Eastern healers proposed a method of pressing fingers on the epigastric region and the sacrum, which helps to eliminate this phenomenon. These same techniques will help men over fifty years of age to commit several intercourses with one ejaculation.

Also, the increase of potency in men is also promoted by pressing with the fingers (according to the shiatsu method) on the lumbosacral region, where the lumbosacral plexus passes. A slight pressure on the points of the lumbar vertebrae and sacrum 10 times for 3 seconds per point strengthens these nerves, which is important because trauma in this area contributes to reducing potency.

Strengthening of sexual potency is also facilitated by pressing on the epigastrium with three fingers (10 times for 5 seconds each). Frequent pressing below the right costal arch also increases sexual activity.

Male menopause (Andropause)

In the second half of life, men undergo physical, mental and hormonal changes.

The term “climax” is in fact not quite correct to use in relation to men. They have sex glands do not stop their activities with age. Changes in the male organism in the second half of life in no way affect fertility. Most men are able to conceive a child even at the age of 60 years and older.

Physically during male menopause can be a gradual decrease in muscle mass and strength. Psychological symptoms usually constitute lethargy and drowsiness, depression, irritability, mood swings, a general feeling of ill health. There are also signs of a decrease in potency and a weakening of sexual desire. And if a man experiencing such problems does not meet due understanding and kind attitude from his sex partner, then a severe experience of such changes can cause a mental crisis that can bring to impotence.

Risk Factors

Statistics argue that up to 80% of cases of loss of sexual potency in the second half of the life of men are due to organic factors. The most common of these is a violation of the blood supply to the penis due to vascular processes.  Significantly slow down the blood flow diseases and factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking. Another danger is the use of medications.

For example, the use of drugs for hypertension significantly increases the risk of impotence. It is known that some medicines have a number of side effects. It is likely that a man will have to try several different drugs before he finds one that does not affect his sexual function.

Alcohol can also do a disservice to a middle-aged man. Chronic use of alcohol literally kills the ability to intercourse. “Today – a drunkard, tomorrow – is no good lover.”

Smoking is absolutely devastating for a man. This is probably one of the main reasons for the violation of sexual function in men. Smoking causes damage to the small blood vessels of the penis. They lose the ability to expand in order to ensure a sharp blood flow necessary for an erection.

It is important and quality of nutrition, as the level of cholesterol is associated with sexual potency. High blood levels of high-density lipoproteins significantly reduce the likelihood of impotence.

Hormonal Factor

It is known that testosterone is the main male sex hormone. The normal level of testosterone in men is stable to 30 years. Testosterone is responsible for sexual function, promotes the growth of bones and muscles and also acts on the general state of health. With the aging of the male body, the amount of testosterone produced decreases gradually. This can lead to hormonal imbalance and the occurrence of a number of diseases.

At the same time, the content of transport protein globulin is increased in blood by reducing the content of other hormones. Because globulin binds testosterone, the availability of the latter to tissues worsens. During aging, the average testosterone level in men falls by 50%, and the actual amount of testosterone available for tissues is two-thirds.

Common Sexual Problems In Men and How to Solve Them

The state of impotence is not necessarily irreversible.  If a man appropriately changes the set of medicines he takes, his diet, quits smoking, has the necessary physical activity to improve the vascular system, then his potency can improve. In addition, doctors also believe that it is impossible to underestimate the role of the partner. As the man ages, mutual affinity and trust with their sex partner become a critical factor. For a man, the risk of impotence is higher if he does not have a psychologically comfortable relationship with a partner.

For men who do not abandon their desire to stifle their stress with sexual pleasures, the transition over the 60-year-old frontier will most certainly turn out to be the most dramatic.

If a person develops new social roles, becomes a head of the family, a grandfather, finds a deeper spiritual communication and passion that he is ready to follow, then this transition will be easier for him. There are many strong gray-haired men who survived such a crisis and retained their individuality and potency.

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