Low Testosterone in Men

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Low testosterone in guys – is a significant hormonal illness that disturbs all the work of the male body. Testosterone is the primary male bodily hormone androgyny the ability to think children and so if lacking within the body subsequently enduring erectile function. Diagnose lack of testosterone within the body might be of all ages.

Recently, scientists have discovered a standard connection between disorders and low testosterone levels. Medical examination of 2200 guys over 45 years found that the odds of having low testosterone were:

2.5 fold higher in guys with obesity.
2.2 fold higher in guys with diabetes mellitus.
1.9 times higher in guys with high blood pressure level.

Low testosterone in men middle age and old is common, and quite frequently the reason for this decline are age-associated changes. Around 35-forty years old, the creation of this hormone starts to decrease by 1-2% annually, and also to 50 years old there’s androgen insufficiency. Several reasons for the decrease of testosterone isn’t age-related changes if androgen deficiency happens at a younger age.

The Most Common Reasons For Low Testosterone in Men

Age. Following a particular age period, there’s a decline in testosterone production. Reduced of sex hormones is an irreversible process and due to age-related changes. Due to the powerful androgen insufficiency, it’s important to run hormonal therapy.

Food. An improper diet that doesn’t include the essential minerals and vitamins for guys can be the primary reason for low testosterone levels. It’s important to supply the building blocks for the development of the testosterone molecule to the body. The diet should contain foods that raise testosterone and remove foods that lower male sex hormones.

Excessive weight. Among the most dangerous factors behind the decline of testosterone. What’s dangerous extra weight in guys? First of all, it prevents the creation of male hormones. Second, it started the creation of female sex hormones – estrogens. Estrogen in the body that is male additionally suppresses the generation of testosterone.

Improper habits. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs lessen testosterone.

Insufficient physical action. Exercises and physical training with weights assist in testosterone levels. This applies to the training plan that is average. Conversely, exhausting day-to-day (3-4 per week) work outs and excessive exercise often lead at low levels of male sex hormones.

The Primary signs of low testosterone in Men

Character symptoms originating from reducing the amount of testosterone in the blood is always dependent on the age of men. Even during fetal growth, the insufficient testosterone has an adverse impact on the growth of the genitalia of the fetus. Low testosterone levels before or during sexual growth lead to too little sexual maturation and, generally, to underdevelopment of secondary sexual characteristics.

The lad slowly increasing muscle mass, doesn’t alter the voice, raises the ерinferior growth of body hair, the size of breasts, as well as remarkable underdevelopment of dick and testicles.

If the concentration of testosterone in men decreases in maturity, this may lead to problems such as erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, and even sterility.
and even infertility.

Here are the main symptoms of low testosterone levels in adulthood

Decreased energy. The physiologically normal levels of sex hormones help to increase the amount of energy that enables a man to perform specific types of physical or mental work. However, with a decrease in the level of testosterone a man can feel the daily fatigue and inability to perform the usual work with the same force. And even after the rest, there is no recovery.

Decreased sex drive and libido. Fewer and fewer have the desire to have sex, and the erection becomes sluggish weak.

Erectile dysfunction – is another important sign of low testosterone levels. At the same time, the disease can develop in some other cases. Therefore, to identify the specific cause of erectile dysfunction is necessary to conduct a thorough medical examination.

Reduced muscle mass. It is known that muscle growth and development depends largely on the level of testosterone. With a shortage of this hormone occurs in muscle mass reduction. Moreover, this process can be accompanied by an increase in adipose tissue, in particular, accumulation so-called of visceral fat in the abdominal cavity, that is extra factor deteriorating the health of men.

Gynecomastia. This abnormal development of mammary glands in males that are caused by the action of the female hormone estrogen. Estrogen increases with decreasing concentrations of testosterone. In addition, the development of gynecomastia is accompanied by muscle atrophy.

Bad mood. Depressed and anxious emotional state and even depression – all these are common symptoms that occur due to the lower level of male sex hormones.

When the first symptoms listed above, or at least some of them, it is the reason to see a doctor. Early diagnosis and proper treatment will prevent the development of negative phenomena, which entails a low level of testosterone.

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