Male Infertility

Male Infertility Causes and Solutions

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There are many women who can’t seem to get pregnant, no matter how hard they try. If the problem is with the man, it’s called male infertility. Recent statistics indicate that of all infertility cases reported, male infertility is the reason for about one-third of them.

When men are diagnosed with male infertility it’s usually because of a low sperm count in their ejaculation fluid. Ejaculation happens when the penis releases semen during an orgasm. If the man is unable to release semen in a manner that will get the woman pregnant, it is probably because he has erectile dysfunction, retrograde ejaculation (where semen is forced into the bladder), radiation or surgery complications, or premature ejaculation.

The causes of low sperm count could be an infection or a hormonal disorder. Or it could be hereditary. Drugs, tobacco, alcohol, poisonous chemicals, or radiation exposure could also cause low sperm count.

He may also be suffering from what is called “abnormal” sperm, where the sperm hasn’t formed properly and is unable to “swim” correctly. And this could be the result of an inflammation or abnormal testicle development and swollen veins in the man’s scrotum. The effect of this condition is that it could heat the sperm inside the scrotum and result in poor sperm production.

If you think you might have problems with male infertility, visit your doctor as soon as possible, especially if your mate has been unsuccessful in getting pregnant after trying for a year or more. A physical exam could tell you the exact cause of your infertility problem. Your exam involves your fluid culture, a blood test (for hormonal problems), your medical history, and an analysis of your semen (for sperm count). Whether or not you’ll need more tests will depend on your results.

If you’re wondering whether or not male infertility can be successfully treated, the answer is “yes.” The fact is, there is a cure for more than half of all cases with such violations. Conventional treatment methods could help a couple get pregnant in the course of normal sex. Many antibiotics, medications, and hormones are available that will help men with sperm production, hormonal imbalance, and infections. And you could also consider wearing your clothing loose, such as wearing boxers, and avoid extended hot showers and hot tubs

There are also more treatments that are available. However, some of them could be too expensive or too evasive. That would include using sperm donors, artificial insemination, and in vitro fertilization. Artificial insemination means involves manually placing sperm inside the woman’s uterus or fallopian tube. In vitro fertilization involves fertilizing the egg in a lab, and then inserting it into the uterus. If the man is unable to produce any sperm at all, he can choose to use the sperm from a donor.

Normally, male infertility that is the result of a genetic problem or illness can’t be prevented. However, there are many different things you can do that will reduce your chances of developing infertility problems. And one thing you can do is stay away from alcohol, drugs, and other substances that poison the body. In other words, practice a lifestyle of healthy hygiene. If you are concerned about male infertility, you should try a product called VolumePills. It’s a choice you won’t regret.

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