Main Causes Of Male Impotence

Main Causes Of Male Impotence

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One of the greatest problems males of all races and ages have faced throughout the ages is impotence. It is deeply related to a man’s psychological well-being and his self-esteem. And that’s why it plays an important role in the way a man functions. For most males, this problem will challenge them at least once during their lifetime. And one of the toughest things for a man who has erectile dysfunction to do is to get help. Studies have shown that about 150 million males have a problem with impotence, but only about 10 percent of these men actually look for professional help.

Male impotence is caused by three major factors: lifestyle, psychological reasons, and physical reasons. Even though psychological and physical reasons are behind most impotence cases, not many people understand that it can also become worse because of the lifestyle choices a person makes. Many men have been able to overcome impotence simply by making positive lifestyle changes.

The greatest causes of impotence related to lifestyle include alcohol consumption, smoking and use of illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. A sedentary and obese lifestyle are also contributors to this problem. That’s why decreasing your cigarette, drug and alcohol consumption could greatly improve your sexual performance. And proper diet and a regular exercise plan could stimulate your testosterone production, which results in a boost in your self-confidence.

One unique product that could help males produce a greater volume of sperm and get a harder erection is Volume Pills, which you can only purchase from an online store. VolumePills are proven to enhance your sex life with its unique combination of all-natural ingredients. Increased blood flow to the penile area results in a harder, firmer erection and a 500 percent boost in sperm output, and it is guaranteed to give you a longer-lasting orgasm.

Penis enlargement surgery; why it’s dangerous

Males who are not satisfied with their penis seek penis enlargement products. And this has caused manufacturers to come up with a host of methods such as surgery, pumps, and various exercise techniques. The most dangerous of these, of course, is surgery. And that’s because many mistakes have been made during surgery that can have irreversible consequences.

One very common surgical method for penis enlargement involves the injection of fat cells just beneath the skin of the penis shaft to boost the penis size. These cells are used from other parts of the body.

A more extreme version of this surgical technique involves injecting silicone directly into the scrotum and penis. This method can greatly enlarge the penis. The only problem is that this procedure is irreversible. And it comes with serious side effects, including the inability to penetrate during intercourse, loss of sensation in the penis and a deformed and scarred penis shaft. Other substances, such as mineral oil and collagen have also been used in place of the silicone, but there is still a very high risk of permanent penile deformation and scarring.

Another technique for enlarging the penis is severing the ligament of the basal penile. The result of this technique is that it could lengthen the penis by as much as two inches. The downside of this method is that a man is no longer able to achieve a true erection. And the results differ from one male to another. Some have even reported absolutely no improvement.

Southern Asian men are using a very different technique for penis enlargement. It involves implanting small objects under the skin of the penile shaft. The objects usually consist of semi-precious stones, steel balls studs and rings. The problem with this technique is that women complain that these objects cause pain and scarring during intercourse.

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