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What is Psychological Impotence?

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According to statistical studies, 90% of all cases of impotence in men aged 30-35 years are due to psychological reasons. Solve such problems best with a therapist or mental health specialist who can determine the correct methods of treatment, special medicines or other means.

Doctors have long been well aware of such sexual disorders as psychological impotence. This is one of the types of erectile dysfunction, which is caused by various psychological experiences.

The Main Causes of Psychological Impotence

Psychologists and sex therapists distinguish the following most common psychological causes of impotence in men:

  • Unsuccessful first sexual experience. As a rule, the first sexual experience puts a mark on the future sexual life of men. There are many reasons for the failure: a strong nervous excitement and, therefore, lost an erection at a crucial moment. Strong sexual arousal and as a consequence of rapid ejaculation, etc. However, you just have to understand that each man had their first sexual experience, and if not all, many guys made mistakes. This is similar to the situation as the first time to stand on skates – bugs and downs are inevitable.
  • The fear of being incompetent in sexual terms, fear not satisfy the partner. Subconscious fears, along with complexes, which arise from a lack of experience and uncertainty. All this refers to psychological disorders that may lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • Complaints and comments from the disgruntled partner. Men are very vulnerable creatures with regard to claims to their abilities in a sexual matter. Any careless word said by an unsatisfied partner can instill different complexes, and, subsequently, affect the sexual capabilities of man.
  • Consciously or unconsciously antipathy towards a woman. In the end, the partners may simply not coincide and do not approach each other.
  • Strong stress or prolonged depression, which depressed the nervous system and lead to a worsening of the functioning of all organs, including the reproductive system.
  • Strong physical or emotional fatigue, accompanied by a decline in strength and lack of desire for intimacy.
  • Fear of contracting venereal and other diseases that can be transmitted sexually. In some cases, this fear can be so strong that a man does not even rely on a condom.
  • Man fears that a woman can become pregnant.
  • uncomfortable conditions for sexual intercourse
  • Prejudiced attitude to sex as to something dirty, shameful and indecent. Sometimes, such preconditions arise in childhood or adolescence.
  • The alienated relations between the spouses, the presence of disagreements on a variety of issues, which leads to a decrease in the quality of the intimate life and the disappearance of the desire for intimacy.

How to Overcome Psychogenic Impotence

If a young guy or a man of any age has psychological impotence, then only a doctor the sex therapist will be able to help such patients. A qualified specialist will help to identify the exact cause of this problem and advise how to overcome psychological impotence. And besides, what is very important, has the right to prescribe drugs that are only available on prescription.

Sometimes it is possible to cope independently with problems in the sexual life caused by psychological factors. It is important to try to identify the source of the problem. What causes fears and negative emotions and how much these fears are justified. But in most cases, the help of a psychologist or sex therapist is required. Often problems are hidden so deeply that it is possible to reveal them only to an experienced specialist.

Initially, a specialist can recommend a complete medical examination of the body. Even young men can have endocrine and other diseases proceeding in a latent form.  If no chronic diseases are found, then the doctor proceeds to search for the psychogenic factors that caused the appearance of impotence. Then, the methods for eliminating this problem are determined.

Methods of Treatment of Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

During the work with the patient, the doctor can recommend the following methods of combating psychogenic erectile dysfunction:

  • The use of antidepressants, sedatives, and other similar drugs when confirming the symptoms of depression or neurosis. Prescribe these medicines can only a doctor, in addition, they are released, as a rule, only on prescription. In the case of severe depression, it is recommended to consult a psychiatrist and not a psychologist.
  • Conducting sessions of psychotherapy, during which the specialist can identify hidden problems, find the true causes of psychological impotence. Usually, there is a need for several sessions. With the development of the Internet, it became possible to conduct such consultations in a remote form – via Skype, while the patient remains anonymous.
  • Psychotherapeutic work aimed at improving relationships in the family. In this case, both partners are involved in the consultation: both man and woman. This method of problem-solving has high efficiency because in most cases both partners are guilty of problems arising in bed.
  • Elimination of physical and social factors that adversely affect the microclimate in the family and the intimate relationships of the spouses. This may be renting a separate home, repairing, rearranging furniture, or a joint trip to rest in an unfamiliar country.
  • Use of special methods of psychotherapy and achievements of alternative medicine: autogenic training, yoga for potency, meditation, etc. With the help of such techniques, it is possible to significantly reduce the level of mental excitement, eliminate stresses, gain confidence in oneself.
  • Doing sports and various types of physical activity. With the help of physical exertion, it is possible to normalize the metabolism, increase the production of male sex hormones, as well as endorphins responsible for the mood of a person. In addition, exercise increases endurance eliminates the effects of stress by reducing the level of adrenaline in the body. All this in the complex most positively affects the quality of intimate life.
  • Reducing the load level at the main workplace. If possible, take a vacation, go to a shorter working day, refuse business trips and long trips. In extreme cases, you can even change jobs, because the constant stresses are destructive not only to the reproductive system but also to the entire body.

Use of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs and Supplements

Along with psychotherapeutic methods, in the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction, are often used special drugs to increase erection. If a man is young or middle-aged, then use such a means is desirable for a certain period of time immediately before the Intimate relationship, and in the future, it will be possible to completely abandon them.

These drugs increase the flow of blood to the penis and provide a long and quality erection. One of these drugs is Vardenafil. The drug acts as a relaxant of all the smooth muscles of the penis, and also increases the throughput of arteries supplying the blood to the genital organs. As a result, a man gets a fairly steady erection. The drug lasts for at least 12 hours.

Tablets with Vardenafil is recommended to be taken one hour prior to the expected intimacy since after this time the effect of the drug reaches its maximum value. Vardenafil has the most positive reviews. Thanks to this drug, thousands of men were able to solve intimate problems and normalize their sex life. And to increase the libido is well suited perfect natural supplement VigRX Plus or Male Extra.

Bottom line

Most often, such problems including psychogenic impotence occur in young men who do not have enough sexual experience. Existing drugs cannot solve the problem of human personality, but they completely take control of physiological processes, which also depend on the psychological state.

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