Natural Ways to Increase Male Potency For Better Lifestyle

Natural Ways to Increase Male Potency For Better Lifestyle

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Today the situation is such that many middle-aged men, and often a young age have any potency disorders. Unreasonably hesitate to visit the doctor men more often are turning to synthetic erectile dysfunction drugs to increase male potency, and forget about natural ways that can improve erectile function. Synthetic medications have only one significant advantage: they increase the potency immediately. For example, the famous Viagra takes effect within half an hour after administration and maintains its effect for 5 hours.

Increased potency by natural way involves not only the actions aimed at improving sexual function but also the recovery of the whole organism, the state of which directly acts on the male sexual function.

Problems with potency may have a permanent character when erectile dysfunction is present for a long time or temporary when there is a violation of erection short period. If such a problem occurs, before contacting your doctor can try to solve it on their own, following are some tips for maintaining men’s health.

Increasing Male Potency through Healthy and Safe Practices

1. Nutrition plays a major role in the functioning of the whole organism. The food should contain all essential nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals necessary for male sexual health, the main ones being zinc, selenium, vitamin E, C, B vitamins B. Each day you have to replenish daily requirement of these substances.

2. Performing special exercises to increase male potency. Specific training, which will help to increase the blood circulation in the genital organs and pelvic organs. In addition, these exercises also train the pubococcygeus muscle. You do not require a lot of time doing these exercises, but the result may come after a week of regular workouts.

3. Sexual function and sexual desire have a direct link with the level of the male sex hormone testosterone. Established that low testosterone levels in the male body is the reason for the decline in sexual function, libido and sexual performance. This is especially true for men of average age and older whose testosterone levels begin to decline gradually (about 1-1.5% per year after 25 years).

4. It is well known that overweight in men is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. The fact that obesity not only lowers testosterone levels but also increases the level of estrogen – female sex hormones. Excess levels of these hormones lead not only to erectile dysfunction but also to a deterioration of the overall male health. In addition, excess weight leads to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, which are major factors in reducing the potency and health hazards. For the diagnosis of the overweight body is necessary to measure waist circumference in men – 94 cm or more indicates obesity.

Healthy Lifestyle

5. It is essential for normal functioning of reproductive organs refuse to excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. It has long been proven by doctors that bad habits have a direct impact on the quality of potency. Merely getting rid of bad habits can dramatically improve male sexual function.

6. You also need to engage in sports, as much as possible to move. This is especially true of men with sedentary occupations. Physical activity is important for the overall health of the man, and the extra exercise will significantly improve the condition of the body as a whole. Moreover, there is a Kegel exercise, the implementation of which is carried out in a sitting position and help train the pubococcygeus muscle.

7. Avoid stress, long-term depression, and nerve overload. If the body is exposed to any stress, that sexual function is inhibited. This is an ancient mechanism of fertilization, the essence of which is to conceive offspring occurred in the most favorable conditions.

8. Often, problems with erectile function arise from psychological experiences. It may be unfortunate consequences of sexual intercourse, lack of confidence in own sexual opportunities, etc. In any case, you need to get rid of sexual complexes, if not by its own forces, with the help of doctors – sexologist or therapist.

9. Get enough sleep. Give sleep at least 8 hours a day. Sleep should take place under optimum conditions in complete silence and darkness.

You can try these natural ways to optimize and increasing male potency to not only to strengthen the sexual activity and avoid erection problems but also improve the overall tone of the body. Try it before turning to medications.

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