Kegel Exercises for Men

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Special Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the perineum may become a part of daily exercises to enhance male potency. Scientists have shown that such training will be useful to men as weak and with normal potency, and can greatly improve male sexual function.

In the course of the study, almost half of the group of men who suffer from impotence or low potency were able to successfully return to a normal sex life after they began to carry out such a course of exercises for 30 minutes a day. These men, who previously could not maintain an erection for more than 30 seconds, were able to increase the duration of their erection five times.

Doctors say that such physical exercise can enhance the potency of any man. Man straining muscles of the perineum for 10 seconds, standing, sitting, and lying down as if he were trying to hold back urine. By the end of the study found that of the 55 men suffering from impotence, approximately 40% regained a normal erection, and 33% of subjects improved erections. Was shown, that such exercises have to do all men with erectile dysfunction.

What are the Signs of Decreasing Potency in Men?

– Decreased interest in sex, too lazy to start, lack of tone
– The absence of spontaneous erections at night and in the morning
– Insufficient hardness of the penis in the erection period
– The weakening of erection during intercourse and the inability to bring it to the end.

What is the Cause of These Symptoms?

– Without going into detail about the anatomy of the penis – the reason is the incomplete filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood, so it cannot be hard enough during erection.

Kegel Exercises For Men

This is a very simple technique, but in the future, it promises great benefit and pleasure. If you do them every day, you will be able not only to control ejaculation but in the long term – to get multiple orgasms.

It should be noted that initially the Kegel exercises have been developed for women. American gynecologist Alfred Kegel in the middle of the twentieth century developed a group of exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, intended for patients with urinary problems. However, in the end, it turned out that such techniques are very effective in other cases. So, one of his patients experienced an orgasm for the first time in 15 years of marriage.

What Muscles are Training by Exercises to Increase Potency?

The primarily trained pubococcygeus muscle has direct relevance to an erection. The better-coached pubococcygeus muscle, the stronger and longer erection. This is because the blood flow to the penis increases and the penis longer fills with blood.

Before you start to correctly locate these muscles. To achieve this, you can just try to stop the stream of urine for about halfway. The muscle that allows stopping the process of urination is the target.

How to Do Kegel Exercises for Men

So, once you have determined the location of the pubococcygeus muscle you can begin to perform simple exercises. It is desirable to do 15 contractions 3 times a day. Straining muscles make a smooth breath, and when relaxing – exhale. Breathing should be through the nose.

Make sure that during the exercise are not strained gluteal muscles and abdominal muscles are. Perhaps not immediately be able to perform this exercise, so do not worry. It takes some time so that your body remembered those forgotten muscles.

Gradually increase the number of muscle contractions to 50 repetitions. You also need to increase the time for each contraction and relaxation to 3 seconds. During training, you can change the rhythm of cuts as there are no rules. Currently, there are several variations of Kegel exercises, but they are all focused on the development of the pubococcygeus muscle.

Benefits of Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises BenefitsThis technique increases the tone of the entire pelvic area, which improves blood circulation and thus improves erection. In addition, thanks to Kegel’s exercises male orgasm causes an intense contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle. This means that the better trained the muscles, the more and the more intense orgasm.

The ability to reduce and slow down the reduction of pubococcygeus muscle will allow you to slow down ejaculation, that is, you can prolong sexual intercourse as desired. In addition, as soon as the man mastered Kegel exercises, he can stop ejaculation, thus getting several orgasms at once.

Another advantage of the Kegel exercises for men is that they have a positive effect on the prostate, improving its blood supply and, consequently, preventing prostatitis. Among other things, both men and women, protect against diseases such as urinary or fecal incontinence. The exercises are still excellent prevention of hemorrhoids, which arises as a result of congestion in the pelvis.

Kegel exercises are especially recommended to men, leading a sedentary lifestyle or insufficiently active lifestyle, for example, drivers, programmers, office workers, and just to all men who want to improve their potency, regardless of age

Special Exercises to Improve Potency in Men

1. “Lift”
slightly contract the muscles (“1st Floor”), and fix them in this state, count to five. Then strengthen muscle tension (“2nd Floor”) and fix them in such a state, count to five. Thus, it is necessary to go through four or five “floors”. And ago – the same gradual movement “down”, lingering on each “floor”. Repeat this exercise ten times.

2. Alternately contract and relax the pubococcygeus muscles as quickly as possible, achieving similarity “flutter”. Repeat this exercise ten times.

Keep your attention. For best results, you should focus on only the pelvic floor muscles. Be careful not to contract the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. Do not hold your breath. Breathe freely during exercise.
Repeat the Kegel exercises for men three times a day. Your goal – at 3 sets of 10 repetitions each day.

3. “Parade step”
You stand straight, arms down along your body, and begin to walk raising your knees as high as possible.

4. “Hold the stone”
You stand straight, hands on your waist, knees slightly bent (!). Now bend your knees more and then strongly contract and relax the muscles of the buttocks several times, as if holding a stone located between them. Straighten without straightening your knees.

5. “The Bridge”
You lie on your back. The Knees are slightly bent and the feet rest on the floor. Hands are located along the body. The back touch the floor evenly. Now lift your pelvis 10-12 times. Then, 2 minutes rest. The number of approaches should not exceed 8 times.

6. “A vacuum cleaner”
Sitting on a chair, back straight, shoulders straightened. You start to strain muscles between the testicles and anus, mentally imagining that you pull some grain on the chair. At the same time, the muscles of the buttocks should not be tense. Do 6 sets, 10 times a day.

Each exercise is repeated 7-10 times no earlier than half an hour after a meal.

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