Bathmate Hydromax Pump is a world famous brand of a water-based device designed to increase penis, increase male strength and increase erection in a comfortable home environment in the bathroom or in the shower.

Increase Penis in 15 Minutes

Even during the first session, in 15 minutes, the penis will increase in length to 2-3 cm and in circumference to 20-30%. Use the Bathmate Hydromax before going to the beach, in the sauna or before the date. Use this pump every day and you will get an improved result for life.

Currently, there are 3 Bathmate Penis Enlarger series:

The very world’s first basic series of 2006.

The updated, more advanced series.

The newest and most advanced version.

From 2006 to the present day, millions of men around the world have successfully used these advanced Bathmate products.

Numerous reviews from satisfied customers confirm that the Bathmate system is highly appreciated and is
the most effective and popular method of an increasing penis.

Water Instead of Air

The main difference and advantage of Bathmate is the use of water as a working medium when creating a vacuum around the penis. The aquatic environment has a number of distinct advantages over the air environment, allows for a safer and more efficient exercise of the male organ, significantly reducing side effects and accelerating the growth of the penis.

How Hydromax Pump Works

The effect on the male organ occurs through the negative pressure created around the penis. Due to the vacuum in the hydro pump, the cavernous bodies and other tissues of the penis expand.

Negative pressure effect is maintained for up to 8 hours, thus the male organ is in a stretched state for a considerable time. Such prolonged stretching, in turn, triggers cellular volumization — the appearance of additional cells and the growth of the penis. This is a kind of response of the body to adapt tissue to the environment.

The penis grows from session to session, so for further growth the frequency and constancy of training are necessary.

Long-term Results

Loving CouplePenis enlargement in one session gives a temporary result and is not permanent. In order to have permanent results (for a lifetime) and entrenched at the cellular level, systemic training is needed from three times a week, for a period of from 3 months or more. The longer to engage in penis enlargement, the better the effect appears and the result is more reliably fixed.

Each new exercise will stimulate a new round of hormone and enzyme production for the subsequent growth of the male organ. The average increase in the penis in 6-12 months among the majority of clients is about: 3-4 cm in length and up to 1.5 centimeters in diameter, which is + 30% to the initial size. Each user is individual and the results will depend on you.

Increase Stamina

Bathmate Hydromax Pump can drastically change the situation with premature ejaculation and weak erection. Prolonging intercourse and increasing erection are some of the positive results of this device.

Straightening Penis

Bathmate can help get rid of excessive curvature of the penis. Causes of penile curvature may be different, as congenital curvature, and acquired in the form of Peyronie’s disease.

Bathmate stimulates blood circulation, which is the prevention of cavernous fibrosis. Bathmate is effective at all stages of Peyronie’s disease.

Increased Potency and Libido

Bathmate Hydromax Pump creates a negative hydraulic pressure that causes venous blood to flow into the penis. As a result, the cavernous tissues are stretched and filled with blood better. Studies have shown that the regular use of this method allows achieving not only temporary but also cumulative effect. That is, it makes sense to apply LOD-therapy both for the treatment of complete impotence and for the purposes of prophylaxis with the initial signs of the development of erectile dysfunction.

Safe MaterialsAspen Clinical Research

All Bathmate products are safe to use. All parts in contact with the skin, have been thoroughly tested, underwent research and dermatological tests in the world famous clinic Aspen. In addition, Aspen clinical studies have proven the safety of using the Bathmate hydrotherapy training system in the genital area.

Where To Buy The Hydromax?

Buy Hydromax only through the official website directly from the manufacturer. This is the best place to buy Bathmate products to avoid fakes and get a 60-day established money back guarantee. The price depends on the type of hydropump that matches your preferences and ranges from $ 91 to $ 298.


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