Natural Aphrodisiac Foods for Men

Aphrodisiac Foods for Men

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The potency and level of sexual desire of men depend on many factors, the main of which is the mental and physical health of the body.

The modern world exposes a person to many stressful situations, and eating fast food leads to a deficiency of vitamins and macro-and microelements in the body. According to the information of the attending doctors, the majority of the male population begins to experience problems in their sexual life at a young age.

Natural aphrodisiac foods for men can help improve blood flow to the genital area, increasing desire and improving sexual performance. To get bright sensual emotions in a relationship with a woman, it is often enough just to adjust your diet. It is easy to find them because these are mostly the most ordinary foods.

What is a Natural Aphrodisiac Food?

Aphrodisiacs are those foods, spices, and aromatic oils that enhance sexual desire and incite love and passion. They received their name from the name of the ancient Greek mythological goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. The history of the discovery of aphrodisiacs goes deep into antiquity. Literally, every culture has its own list of foods that have been attributed with magical properties to arouse erotic instinct and induce desire.

Do Natural Aphrodisiacs Actually Work?

Natural aphrodisiacs for men work through the interaction of a unique ratio of constituent substances: zinc, selenium, amino acids, and vitamins E, A, C, and B1. These substances improve mood, increase sexual arousal by normalizing hormonal levels, and increase blood flow to the sexual organ. Zinc is directly involved in the production of the most important male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire.

Thus, due to the food intake, the male body is saturated with useful substances that naturally increase desire and passion. Ultimately, aphrodisiacs can help a man increase his sex drive, last longer In bed, and get the most pleasure from physical intimacy.

Here is a list of the best available aphrodisiac foods for men that you can use not only to increase your sexual health and potency but also to rejuvenate, and relieve stress and fatigue:


oysters aphrodisiacRecognized powerful male aphrodisiac. The taste of oysters is subtle and delicate as if created for a gastronomic prelude to love. It is not rare that the oyster itself is visually compared with the female genital organs, but this does not affect the libido at all. The secret of oysters lies in the high content of zinc.

This mineral has a beneficial effect on male potency, improving blood flow to the male genital organs. It also improves reproductive function by stimulating sperm production. Lack of zinc in the body is quite capable of leading to sexual dysfunction. Therefore, if you eat a few oysters, expect the right effect.



Dark ChocolateA well-known remedy for a bad mood is chocolate. It is able to favorably influence the area of the human brain that is responsible for pleasure and elevation of mood. But this is not its main advantage. The fact is that chocolate contains neurotransmitters – special substances that boost arousal and increase sexual desire. There is only a small condition, you need to eat only natural black chocolate. In modern varieties of milk or white chocolate, these substances are completely absent.




figs fruitFigs are not only a tasty and healthy fruit but also a powerful aphrodisiac, a perfect treat for lovers. Since ancient times it has been used as a means to improve fertility. The secret is that figs are rich in vitamins, amino acids, and various trace elements.

Both fresh and dried fruits of the fig tree are very tasty and healthy delicacies with romantic scents and textures. A set of useful substances favorably affects the entire body, including the genitals. In figs, a lot of magnesium and iron, as well as a special vitamin B6, has a beneficial effect on male libido.






The ancient Maya and Aztec Indians were the first to experience the powerful properties of avocados in solving various problems of a sexual nature. According to studies, the key benefits of avocados for men lie in the rich content of proteins, potassium, vitamins A, B9, B6, and E, as well as essential fatty acids.

Avocado is very nutritious but the calorie content of the fruit is insignificant, so it is permissible to use it in the framework of various, even the most strict diets. The fruits improve the functioning of the reproductive system and contribute to the production of testosterone.




PomegranateThis fruit helps to increase potency, it is an ancient symbol of love and pleasure in various literature. The composition of pomegranate includes a complex of vitamins and microelements, amino acids, manganese, antioxidants, potassium, tannins and astringents, folic acid, and organic acids. Pomegranate juice normalizes metabolism and hormones and improves blood quality.

Eating pomegranates maintain fertility, lowers cortisol levels and contributes to the increase in testosterone, which increases the craving for the opposite sex. Antioxidants contained in this fruit have a rejuvenating effect and make you look and feel younger.




WatermelonSome scientists quite seriously claim that watermelon can be called natural Viagra. The ingredients of watermelon include lycopene, and an amino acid called citrulline. These substances activate the bloodstream in the male genitalia by relaxing the blood vessels as prescription medications as Viagra does.

Thanks to this Viagra-like effect, erectile function is improved. In addition, watermelon is a source of antioxidants, which not only improve libido but also have a beneficial effect on health.




HoneyThis product of beekeeping has a rich composition of nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements. Since ancient times, it is known that honey helps to increase male potency, improve libido and boost sexual performance. The mineral boron present in honey helps regulate the balance of nitric oxide, testosterone, and estrogen in the body. As a result, blood flow increases during arousal.

Honey strengthens the immune system, gives energy, and enhances the protective functions of the body. To improve performance, it is recommended to mix it with nuts or add to ginger tea and a decoction of ginseng root. A mixture of walnut and honey is a recognized natural aphrodisiac for men.



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